A personalized approach to your taxes.

At Servello CPA, we take a holistic approach to your taxes - we work with you all year long so you will know exactly what to expect when filing your return. 

We understand that each person has a unique set of tax needs, and our firm excels at a wide variety of services. We can help you minimize your tax burden with our extensive knowledge of the local and federal tax codes. 

Read on to learn more about how we help our clients maximize their savings and minimize surprises. 


Income Tax Preparation

Our year-round focus on your tax outlook makes filing a simple, surprise-free process. 

With a proactive approach and up-to-date knowledge of the tax code, Servello CPA can also help you get the most out of your tax filings every year.

From personalizing a minimization plan to providing tax-aware asset management advice, we help all of our clients make the most of their situations.

With many years of experience and a diverse client base, we have seen it all! 

Maximize your savings and know what's coming with our year-round assistance.



IRS Representation


Experienced IRS Representation

Having to deal with federal or state tax agencies can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and down-right scary.

Our firm provides clients with peace of mind with our extensive experience - we have helped both individuals and businesses rectify a variety of federal and state tax issues. 

Servello CPA will guide you to the fastest and most optimal result possible in dealing with claims, audits, back-payments or debt involving the IRS. 


Tax Planning

We'll create a comprehensive tax plan that will ensure you have the lowest tax burden possible. 

Servello CPA stays up to date on all tax code changes - we're always recommending the newest ways to take advantage and save. 

Our regular contact with our clients allows us to adjust your plan as needed throughout the year - the end result of our tax planning is a stress-free filing process that maximizes your return or minimizes what you owe. 



Tax Planning


Small Business Accounting & Consulting

We help many individuals with their personal taxation needs, but we also serve businesses we all - we understand that small business owners are the most important class of entrepreneurs in America, but they're also the busiest.

Whether you're doing business as an individual or running an operation with multiple employees, we understand that the small business owner may not be well-versed in finance, but that shouldn't be a roadblock to success. 

Servello CPA has helped many small businesses with bookkeeping and payroll, as well as strategic planning and consulting. Learn more about how Servello CPA helps small businesses.